VRS Newsletter March 2020
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Dear colleague, fellow professional, member or former member,

On the occasion of our 110th anniversary VRS is looking for opportunities to set a standard in the Netherlands, a Dutch standard. For more than a century consulting chemists in the Netherlands got together in their network to find out how they could cooperate, merge, get accredited or outperform each other in quality and stability.

In our industry trustworthy outcomes are essential for our role. Regulation has always been important to guarantee trusted outcomes to a certain extend. Rob van Lint will speak to us being responsible for the Dutch Institute for food safety. Self-regulation is a necessary addition to that since so many details do matter if it comes to measurement and analysis. Accreditation has developed codes for continuous improvement of quality and actual supervision. Roeland Nieuweboer is the new chairman of the Dutch Accreditation Board and will tell us more about accreditation. Adding to these strategies we see a globalising world with global companies that create their own standard. The laboratory industry combines global players with high quality local players. We will gain insight to present market circumstances from Arjen Kostelijk from Oaklins, and furthermore discuss with business leaders in our industry, Paul Hesselink from Kiwa and Frederique Dupont of Eurofins, to learn their international strategies for growth and reliability.

Which standards apply best to which showing? As you see we have put together a program that contains all the angles for this discussion. We’ve found an exceptional location, representing the international tradition of the Netherlands: the former cruiseship SS Rotterdam on its steady location, near the centre of Rotterdam.

To gain relevance and to spread our network further and broader, we would appreciate it if you use the opportunity to invite one or more persons in your own network interested in the issues at hand. We’ve provided you with 1 extra invitation card so use it wisely. Certainly in international companies we would welcome the leader of your business to be part of this gathering. You, as well as your guests are invited to celebrate with us the gala-diner night on the SS Rotterdam. We look forward to meeting you.

On our jubilee conference we offer insight in every angle of the discussion about standards. Join us in getting to the bottom of this issue.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Vrolijks
Chairman VRS

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