Benefits of membership

The association seeks to achieve its goal through legal means, namely:
a. meetings of members to discuss their interests;
b. establishing general terms and conditions that can be declared applicable by the members;
c. establishing rules of conduct for the professional practice of members;
d. the establishment of disciplinary proceedings and a committee for the settlement of disputes between the members themselves and between the members and the association;
e. cooperation with associations or organizations, which pursue a similar or related purpose;
f. advocating the professional and business interests of its members with the competent authorities and authorities;
g. taking decisions, laying down rules and concluding agreements with regard to the common professional and business interests of its members;
h. combating abuses in the exercise of the profession and business of members;
i. opening up the opportunity to take an oath or vow, the members confirming that they will maintain confidentiality about the facts entrusted to them;
j. all other legal means, which may be beneficial to the purpose of the association.

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